On a growing label market, Codimag has developed an offer to answer the market requirements: an optimum print quality thanks to offset, and flexibility for customers to print shorter and shorter runs.

By offering intermittent presses, Codimag gives to printers a technological answer with very low production cost and without the need of expensive cylinders and toolings. Job change does not imply cylinder or sleeve change. Printing plates are mounted directly onto the press without any plate mounting system.

Thanks to Aniflo and waterless offset technology, Set-up times and set-up wastes are reduced and printers can get their margins back.

Codimag :

Waterless Offset (no water : bright print), with
Anilox inking(no inkntrain: quick changeover
1 large rubber roller( no ghosting or inertia)
No tooling for different repeats
Auto register
200 lpi Screen
Rs2500 plate cost for 6 colours
Any material … even Shrink film !
Breakeven : 500 or less impressions
Plates : Toray from technova
Inks from Sericol India
Can your press do it?

Aniflo is the most productive technolgoy for short and medium run above 250m (1000ft)

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