VIVA 340 Evolution

‘Aniflo’ Semi Rotary Waterless Offset Presses with Inline Converting & Value Additions like Screen printing , Cold Foil, Lamination, Rotary Hot Foil, Flat Bed Hot foil & embossing.


The VIVA 340 evolution is the alternative to digital presses, for a more profitable and flexible short-run solution, in offset.
It is based on Aniflo technology and relies on the same production model as digital, printing roll to roll in CMYK or extended gamut.
The VIVA 340 evolution roll to roll printing press is largely competitive in terms of investment and production costs.
The VIVA 340 evolution brings the break even point with digital below 300 meters:
– with plates 10 times cheaper than flexo,
– without toolings, or off-press plate-mounting equipment,
– without pre-treated materials,
– without expensive digital inks or click charges.
You can save a significant amount of money on plate and plate making every year.

The VIVA 340 evolution can be integrated in your production workflow and MIS system, for a better control and performance improvement.


Low plate cost and high level of press automation make the VIVA 340 evolution highly competitive for short and medium runs, and gives a solution to lead time and price pressure issues. Still, the conventional business model with no click charge allows to run longer jobs cost-efficiently.
The VIVA 340 evolution can run with fix set of inks (CMYK or expanded gamut) or with spot colours (PMS).

The superior consistency of Aniflo inking system allows implementing 4-colour process or extended gamut printing, like on a digital model. This is an opportunity to eliminate wash-ups
and increase effective printing time on your press, for higher profits.

The VIVA 340 evolution integrates advanced automated features helping the operator to make ready quickly.
CODIReg is a fully automatic register system which learns the colour sequence and positions colors in register without operator input.
CODILink is the VIVA press Ethernet remote connection for troubleshooting.


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