PlateExakt 600/900 (narrow web/mid web)

Precision Flexo Plate Mounters

Basic configuration

2 HD-USB cameras

(50x optical magnification) –

mounted on high precision linear adjustment
synchronized across the centre or individually
adjustable by hand wheels for different widths.

User friendly and intuitive.

 LED lightning

Perfect illumination of register marks without
heat input

 „Proof function“

Tool for direct feedback of the
mounting result.

 Vacuum table

Secure the plate in position for
accurate and efficient fitting.

Basic frame made of steel

Solid base for supreme precision application.

 Cylinder fixture

Tool free adjustment for cylinders with different width and diameters.

 3x taperoll adapter sets

tool free adjustable for different widths + diameters.

20“ LED Monitor

Clear image with high resolution.


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