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The revolutionary EXL-offset press, with offset sleeve combination printing, is the most versatile press available in the market. It offers variable sleeves for different repeat lengths, for both plates and blankets, and is easy to operate.

All inking and press settings of the EXL-offset machine are effectively automated with the innovative APC (Automated Print Control) technology from MPS.

The MPS EXL-offset press is a true innovation providing reliable quality and productivity that delivers high quality labels and packaging jobs very effectively, even in smaller print runs.

An important advantage of offset technology is the relatively low costs for the production of plates. The combination of very fine tones in application with solids, texts and fine lines, gives offset a very prominent position in terms of quality. A further benefit of using offset technology is the fact that screen-count can become much narrower, 200 screen lines per inch are not exceptional for offset, neither is the even finer FM-screening. These technology characteristics can become decisive in the highly competitive packaging print market.

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EXL-Offset Specifications


Material width  430-530 mm = 17-21 inch
Printing width 420-520 mm = 16,5-20,5 inch
Repeat size sleeves  18-25 inch
Substrates 15-450 µm
-Print sleeves Standard
-Print gap Standard
Form rollers Automated
Ductor rollers Automated
Ink keys Automated
Auto wash Standard
Metric print Standard
Ultra-flex rail system Standard
Chill-drum Standard


Standard = standard

Optional = optional


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